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Searle Aquaculture supply a range of freshwater and marine fish fingerlings for commercial fish farmers, stock enhancement programs including the NSW DPI $ for $ Fish Stocking Scheme, aquaponics enthusiasts and farm dam owners.

Silver Perch        Australian Bass        Fish Feed        Golden Perch        Estuary Perch        

Mulloway        Bream        Whiting        Flathead        Snapper

Fish in your farm dam - species available for immediate delivery:  ✔

Australian Bass

             30 - 40 mm $240/100 order now 

                                    available December

40 - 50 mm $280/100 ✔

50 - 70 mm $370/100 ✔

70 - 100 mm $550/100

   over 100mm $750/100   ✖ 

Silver Perch

            30 - 40 mm $180/100  order now

                                                available January

40 - 50 mm $210/100 

 50 - 70 mm $260/100 

70 - 100 mm $380/100 

 100 - 150 mm $500/100  

 over 150 mm $800/100

Packaging and freight from $35/box

All prices include GST

Contact us today to place your order and arrange pick up or delivery

We also supply shrimp for your dam to provide food for your fish.

Ready to catch Silver Perch 300-500g and 500g-1kg are available

please contact us for a quote including delivery for these large fish.

Commercial farmers, angling clubs and other large customers should contact us for a quote

Discounts apply for orders of 1,000 fish or more

Australian Bass fingerlings are available now

Silver Perch fingerlings- new season stocks will be available in January 2023

order now for January delivery

Floating Fish Feeds available- see details below

We have a full range of high protein floating fish feeds available-

just $15 per kg or $200 per 20kg or $250 per 25kg bag

 Floating pellets- 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm